Church Under the Bridge
Crossroads Youth and Adults traveled to Waco on 11-17-2016 to help feed the needy and homeless at the Church Under the Bridge.  Church Under the Bridge is an opportunity for the churches to help feed the hungry.    A church can  take food to feed 125 people.    Crossroads Presbyterian Church, for the fourth time, went and fed these wonderful people the Sunday after Thanksgiving.   We took extra food expecting to give a second helpings to those who needed it.    We went and fed 150 homeless people that weekend.   17 of these were children under the age of 12.    We had plenty of banana’s, apples, dessert and chips.   Nothing was purchased, ALL was donated by the love and kindness of our small church.    We also made Goody bags for each person that included shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, razor, gloves, socks and a new t-shirt.   Clothing, shoes and blankets were also donated.    The young children received a new blanket.   There were smiles among everyone but especially among the church members that participated.   There was not a person that we fed that did not say “God Bless You”.   There was not a child that didn’t hug us and thank us for the help.   We were humbled by the love and thankfulness of these Godly people. 

Children were delighted with their blankets.

The serving line is ready!