The History of Crossroads Presbyterian Church
The story of the Crossroads Presbyterian Church had it’s beginning on September 30, 1883, as the Desert Creek Church. With thirteen members from five families, the church was founded. There were three elders and two deacons installed. It’s original location was two to three miles south of the current location, (east toward Desert Creek).
Some of the firsts for the Crossroads Presbyterian Church were:

        -o-  First Infant Baptism – M.V. Patterson, child of Mr. and Mrs. William B. Patterson on August 30, 1885, by Rev. W.A. Kirkpatrick.

       -o- First Adult Baptism – M.M. Walker in November 1887, by Rev. E.H. Messick

       -o- First Wedding – W.H. Moats and Martha Walker, October 29, 1893, by E.H. Messick

       -o- First Death recorded in the congregation – Mrs. C.M. Smith, October 14, 1888.


Even though the records books were published by the Cumberland Presbyterian Publishing House in Nashville, the Desert Creek Church seemed to be non-denominational. There must have been difficulty in attracting pastors to our rural area, and ministers from other denominations sometimes filled the pulpit.

In October, 1895 the members constructed a new church building and the first reference to the church as ‘Cross Road’ rather than as Desert Creek was made.

Later entries show the addition of the “s” to the Cross Roads. So the name change must have come with the new sanctuary. Other than the mention of a new building, there are no official explanations of the name change, and only the record book and the titles of the church rulers indicate the church’s transition in 1906 from the Cumberland Presbyterian to the Presbyterian USA, although the exodus by a great number of churches leaving the Cumberland organization stirred nationwide controversy in the church. It seemed to pass without much notice at Crossroads.

By 1912, the church had a tabernacle built, and attendance began to grow. Their “protracted meetings” (revivals), generally held in August, resulted in an abundance of new members added to the church roll. Music was a highly esteemed part of the worship service. Cross Roads talent traveled throughout North Texas, with some members such as the Kelly-Gordon Quartet being heard regularly on the radio. In 1918, Emmett Dean of Waco was secured to teach a three-week singing school at the church.

In 1921, the manse was completed. Plans were then made to move the church to the new 3½ acre church grounds near the manse. G.W. Jones of Garland was extended a call to be pastor of Cross Roads for ½ time, with the remaining time split between Howe and Canaan.

In 1928, the new sanctuary was constructed at Desert. Not much out of the ordinary was for reported for the next few years. New members were added, and old ones left the community or passed away. About sixty-five members were on the church register in 1955.

In 1955, Sunday morning services were held on the 3rd and 5th Sunday and evening services were held on the 1st and 2nd conducted by Rev. Phil Spencer. Teachers during this time were Charles Buchanan, Wallace Caraway, Mary Lou Frazier and Bernice Caraway. By the latter half of the 20th century, Crossroads was witnessing the same kinds of changes as the rest of the country. An exodus from rural areas to cities was underway, as was a slide away from traditional forms of worship. With a smaller congregation, Crossroads continued to welcome newcomers who started the trend back to the country.

It doubled in size, temporarily, in 1970, while the members of Nobility Baptist Church joined us in worship while they spent several months working on repairing the sanctuary. The music was wonderful!

In 1995, Rev. Frey Tyler conducts worship services on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Weekly Sunday School lessons were led by Jim Salzman for the adult class and Dale Salzman and Brenda Brummett taught the children.

In 1996, the Thompson brothers, (Billy, Charles and Gerry) along with Joe and Dodie Kelley heard Rev. David A. Sharp at another church. Months later they called him and asked him if he would be interested in holding preaching services at Crossroads and so he did. He preached his first sermon of the floor of the sanctuary using a small podium on September 29, 1996. There were about 8-10 adults in attendance. After Rev. David Sharp was finished, the comment was made that they would have a vote to see if they wanted to invite him back. I guess the rest is history. Since Rev. David Sharp has been in the pulpit we have had 80 new members.
David Sharp stepped down in December 2006 due to health issues.  In August 2007 Dr. Scott Leslie joined us as part time pastor.
In 2007 a third steeple was added to the church (as the first two had been blown down in storms).
As the D/FW Metroplex started spreading out into Anna & Melissa, there was a “return” by many to the country. Population growth started to occur and more families with children joined the church.
By 2011, the sanctuary was becoming overcrowded.  Ground was broken for a new church building in early 2011 on land donated by the Brummett Family.  The new location was at 16859 Hwy 160, right down the road and across the highway from the old location.  The first service in the new building was held on September 4, 2011.
Today, 125 years after 13 members started the Desert Creek church, we have nearly 100 members and regular attendees, weekly worship, a growing faith family, and plans to eventually construct a new sanctuary as an addition to the existing building.