Property Committee

  1. Responsible for all permanent physical dwellings on the property of CRPC.
    1. Ensure the cleanliness of the building
    2. Upkeep of all appliances and electronics
    3. Change light bulbs when needed
    4. Change information on the CRPC sign
    5. Ensure maintenance of air units
    6.  Responsible for structural integrity and upkeep of the building inside and out
  2. Maintain all the grounds surrounding the building on CRPC property.
    1. Mowing/weed eating or hiring the mowing/weed eating
    2. Cleaning out flower beds of weeds and grass
    3. Watering and trimming shrubs in flower beds
    4. Keeping weeds and grass killed off the CRPC parking lot and volleyball court
    5. Providing pest control within and on the CRPC grounds
    6.  Maintaining levels of propane gas sufficient for operation of the church